Planning a Special 50th Birthday Party

So you are planning a 50th Birthday party and want to do something special. Here are some tips to help provide the uniqueness that this birthday celebration needs. I just did this for my buddy Alex, who owns . He had a blast and we followed these simple steps.


One of the 50th birthday party planning ideas is to visit the year the guest of honor was born. In fact your guests could even come dressed in the apparel from that era. Visiting the year your guest was born involves researching top commercials for that time, political news, and even fashion styles. The music for that time could be played at your party, along with the dancing the popular dances of that time. You could even pick music and dancing for the decade when your guest was of dating age. Dressing as cartoon characters of the era is another great way to involve all of your guests at the party in celebrating your guest of honor’s birthday year.


Another 50th birthday party planning suggestion is to track down old friends of your guest of honor to attend the special birthday bash. These guests would be friends or family they had not seen in many years. What a surprise it would be for your guest of honor to see these old friends at their celebration. You can look through your guest of honor’s yearbook or ask some of their existing friends to find out whom to invite as a special long-lost friend to the party. Your guest of honor may even mention someone from time to time that they have not seen in a very long time; and that would be someone you could invite to the party. This would be a good time to get them reacquainted.


Playing “this is your life” is another great way to celebrate a special birthday such as this. Creating a PowerPoint to deliver a show of the guest of honor’s life in chronological order is one way to do just that. There are companies and individuals who specialize in turning photographs into lasting memorable slideshows. Having family members deliver the birthday man or woman’s life by telling stories from each decade is another great way to present “this is your life.” Having cards at each table with questions on them about the guest of honor is another great way to piece together their life for the party.


There are many ways to make a 50th Birthday party special and memorable. When considering your 50th birthday party planning list, be sure to include everyone that has known your guest of honor so that you can get a good variety of guests at your party. Making it special is recognizing how special it is to turn 50 and helping your guest of honor realize their second half of life is just beginning.