3 Great Tips For Throwing A Party Your Guests Will Never Forget

Making a party memorable for guest is the goal for any party planner. A dull party will ensure that your next party will be a flop-

Here are 3 tips to make sure that doesn’t happen.

1)Make Sure There Is Enough Food And Drinks

The first thing that will make a party go south with be hungry and thirsty guest. It is vital that you get an accurate (or at least as close as possible) head count of the guests that will be attending your party. I always try to have extra food, water, soft drinks, ect. on hand just in case extra people show up. If you are serious about throwing parties and pleasing guests, the least you can d is make sure they aren’t hungry! If you have leftovers, at least you will be eating good for the next week.

2) Make It A Themed Party

We all remember our childhood, going to a costume party or a party based on a movie or book. Also, think about the times as a child you played dress up and let your imagination wonder. What a blast those times were! Now imagine the joy it would bring to people to relive those childhood memories and fantasies. Even as adults we still like to have fun and play dress up sometimes. Here are some party theme ideas-masquerade ball, western, generational themed, carnival theme

3) Don’t Forget The Party Favors

By providing a small gift or ┬átoken to show your appreciation for guests coming can go a long way. By doing this it leaves guest with a positive vibe when they exit your party. It doesn’t have to be anything big or expensive, small and personal items actually accomplish more. Some examples of great party favors are-drink coozies, baked goods, small boxes of candies. My personal favorite is small posts with herbs growing in them (these also double as great table center pieces).


I hope these quick tips help you throw an awesome party!